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9 + Real & Legit Way To Make Money Online | Beginner & Advanced



how to make money online

So friends, in today’s time everyone wants to earn money online. Because in today’s time, many people are earning 500 to 600 dollars and moreMake money by working online. And friends tell you that in today’s time, making money online is as easy as it is difficult. So friends, in today’s article I will tell you 9 + Real & Legit Way To Make Money Online | Beginner & Advanced

Because in today’s online work, there is so much competition that not everyone can earn money. In such a situation, people who really want to earn money online, then they have to do something different, then you can earn good money online.

So, friends, there are many ways to earn money online such as – logo designing, content writing, video editing, Dropshiping, Courses, and many more. But in this article today, I will tell you how you can make money online. That too from 500 to 600 dollars a month. So friends, if you are all excited to earn money online, then read this article carefully. So you know 9 + Real & Legit Way To Make Money Online.


1. Print Logo on t-shirt
2. Logo Maker for Brand /Company
3. Start Blog / Website
4. Android App Development
5. Content Writing
6. Social Media Influencing
7. Online Courses / E-book
8. Video Editing
9. Make Website For Client
10. Dropshipping

1. How To Make Money Online Through Logo Printing

So guys logo printing is such a business. By which you can generate very good profit. Friends, it is necessary to do that if you know how to design well. And tell you that you can do this business online or offline too.

Friends, one more thing, you can do this business in two ways. First, get the printing done from another website and sell them by selling the expenses. Or another way is to partner with an offline t-shirt making company and design and print your logo and sell them.

And friends, let me tell you that to do this business, first of all, it is very important to have a designing sense. You cannot be successful in this business without designing a sense.

Because by the way there are many people in this business who are copying each other and printing their designs. Because of which those people are not successful. But if you want to do this business successfully, then you have to give something different i.e. unique design from everyone.

Apart from this, you have to choose one of your unique categories like cartoon, quotes, sport printing etc. So that your brand has a different identity in the market.

Now it comes to selling its pricing for how much. So, guys, I will give you the same pro tips that you can sell as much as possible. Do not get caught in the process of high profit. Keep in mind that your product should be sold as much as possible. So that everyone can buy your product.

Now apart from this, I will give you pro tips and that you must take an image of your made product wearing a model so that you can use that image in the advertisement of your product. Or if you want to sell your product on Amazon or Flipkart, then you can upload the image of that model there too. So that the people who want to take that product, they can see the products well how they will look on the wearer.

Apart from this, you have to build a brand name. And with the same name you can create Domain, Facebook Page, Instagram Page, and update your product there regularly. Whatever your new design comes, regularly share it with your audience on the Facebook page Instagram page.

2. How to Earn Money Through Making Logo

Friends, in today’s time, whatever online base company or brand is. They want their brand or company to have a unique logo so that they have brand value in the market. And you can take advantage of these opportunities. If you know how to make a logo, then you can earn a lot of money in this way.

And tell you that you do not have to wander too much to get work. Because nowadays there are so many freelancing websites. From where you can start the work of making logo. If it comes to money, how much money you get for making a logo, then tell you that it depends on how good you can make a logo above your design. If you make a good logo, then on average you can easily earn 20 to 25 dollars.

3. How to Earn Money Through Blog / Website

Friends, in today’s time, many people are making a lot of money by creating a website or blog. If you do not know what a blog or website is. So let me tell you that you will definitely search some of your queries on google. Like how to make money online. And the result that comes in google before you is called the blog or website. When spoken in direct language, the answers to your questions are called blogs or websites.

Now it comes to how to make money from a blog or website? So friends tell you that a blog or website is monetized with Google Adsense. Because of which advertisements come on the blog or website and as many clicks on it, Google Adsense gives money to the blog or website owner.

So friends, if you also like to write a blog, then you too can definitely create your own website or blog and monetize it with google adsense and earn money.

4. How to Earn Money Through Android App Development

Friends, in today’s time, many apps are running which are providing convenience to the people. And in return, monetize from Google Admob and earn money very easily. Friends, you must also use WhatsApp or Instagram, that app too, which you use, and the owner of WhatsApp earns money.

Similar friends if you too become an android developer or learn how to make an android app, then you too can earn a lot of money. You can earn money here in two ways. First by creating the app itself and monetizing it with Google AdMob. Or there are many people in the market who want to make an android app but due to lack of skills, they can not make an app and in such a situation, if you make an app for them, then you can earn some money from them.

So friends, if you are interested in doing this work then you can definitely and tell me that to develop Android App, you need to learn some coding. Which you can learn if you want and make money by making Android App

5. How to Earn Money Through Content Writing

Friends, if you are fond of writing or you have more knowledge in any field, then you can do the work of content writing. And you don’t have to wander somewhere to get work, just you have to create your profile on a freelancing website and as soon as any content writer searches, your profile will be visible to him and he will contact you from where you do his work. That is, you can earn money by writing content.

6. Social Media Influencing and Make Money Online

Friends, in today’s time people are making money from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other popular social media platforms. This is called influencing social media.

Now I will tell you how you can earn money from social media, friends, first of all, there is a social media platform where you have to create your accounts. After that, you have to catch niches. About which you can provide regular content. By doing this, what will create your brand value among the people? People will follow you on your social media account. As soon as you become more fallow on your social media platforms then you can earn money by doing affiliate marketing or you can earn money by taking sponsorship.

7. Sell Online Courses / E-book and Earn Money Online

Today, many people are making money by selling their audience by creating their own online courses. So friends if you too have more information in a particular field or you are that field expert such as Affiliate Marketing, Dropshipping. So you too can make your own online course and earn money by selling it to more and more people.

You can sell your course and earn a lot of money by running ads from social media marketing or Google AdWord to sell your course. So friends, if you are an expert in a particular field, then you can also earn a lot of money by making a course.

8. Video Editing and Make Make Online

Today everyone is interested in watching more videos than they read and in such a situation there are many video creators who record the videos but they do not know how to edit that video and in such a situation they go to the freelancing site to the video editor Let’s search. If you know how to do video editing. So by making your profile on the freelancing website and completing the work from there and giving it to your client, you can take money from them according to yourself.

Friends, in today’s time, video editor is very much needed and if you learn to do video editing then you can earn a lot of money.

9. Make Website For Client and Make Money Online

Friends, this method is very good for earning money, because not everyone knows how to build a website. And if you learn how to make a website, then you can generate a very good income. Because in today’s time every business is going to be online and in such a situation there will be no brand value in the market of that business without a website. So, friends, this opportunity is very good to earn money because if you learn to build a website, you can earn more money by working less.

Friends, you can be active on your social media account to reach your service to more people. Apart from this, the best platform is youtube to make your service available to more people. Because I myself have seen such youtube channels who are making more money by making less effort by making clients websites. Apart from that, those people are also doing a lot of earning through Google Adsense.

So friends, if you learn to build a website, then you can earn a lot of money with this method in less effort.

10. Dropshipping

Friends Dropshiping is one such business. Where you can invest some money and start your own e-commerce company and you can easily earn 1000 dollars to 5000 dollars a month from this business. Friends, this is a business in which you can earn good money by selling other products.

You do not need any manpower or warehouse to do this business, you can do business in any country, even while sitting at home online. To do this business, you have to do a little research at your level, which product is selling more in which country. You also have to list similar products on your e-commerce website. And as soon as it sells, you can earn money from it. Because here you do not make any products by yourself nor deliver them from yourself. Only you have to do a little research and by the way, you have to list the products on your website. So friends, earning money from dropshipping is easy, if you want, you can start this business.


So, friends, these were some 9 + best ways to make money online. By whom you can earn money sitting at home online. I hope guys you like it if you like it then you please share these methods with your friends and family members to make money online.

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