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[SECRET] What is & Alternatives, Everything you Need to Know ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



TEXTSHEET.COM – So hello friends, is a website that gives you free textbook assignments, answers, and homework, etc. Solves things. Apart from this, people who are preparing for a competitive exam. It is very easy for them to get answers to their questions from this website. But friends, do you know what is, what is its alternative, and why this website was taken down from the web.

Do you guys have a college or school students and you want to know what is, why closed it, what is its alternative. So if you want to get all this information, then you will read this article completely so that all your doubts related to this become clear.


1. What is
2. Is Chegg is a good alternative for
3. Why and Litanswer are shutdowns
4. Where can I now go to find Chegg answer
5. What is the best site like, that I can use for Chegg answer

1. What is

So guys if you don’t know what is So for your information, tell us that is an online-based educational website. Which helps college students and school students find solutions to their textbook. Assignments, homework, project, etc. You can get related to education here. In simple language, this is an online-based educational website. With the help of which students in college or school can study. Apart from this, friends who are preparing for the competitive examination and are having any problems related to studies, then they can chat with the customer care or tutors of this website.

But friends are sad that Chegg over took down this website by taking legal action. Friends, this was a website where you can answer and homework your textbook for free. Could you get things So friends, that’s why we are going to tell you about the best alternative to this. From where you can find the answer, assignment and homework of your textbook

2. Is Chegg is a good alternative for

The answer is yes, friends if you do not know whether Chegg is a good alternative to this website. So let us tell you that Chegg is such an educational website which is the best platform for college and school students to find the solution of your textbook and if you have any problem related to your textbook then you can talk to customer care of Chegg Will be able to solve the problem. This is why Chegg is a good alternative for

But friends, the negative point of this website is that you cannot access this website for free. Apart from this, this is the best website for college, school and competitive preparing students.

3. Why and Litanswer are shutdowns

So friends, if you do not know that why were these website shutdowns. So, for your information, I will tell you that the content that was released on their website was not their own content. Those websites used to steal content from elsewhere and host it on their website, due to which those who were the real owners of that content gave DMCA notice on this website, due to which google take legal action, both these websites Turned off shutdowns from the web.

4. Where can I now go to find Chegg answer

So friends, there are many more websites on the Internet from which you can get chegg answers, such as, Sladder, paperhelp, course hero. So friends, if all of you want, you can visit all the websites to know chegg answers.

5.What is the best site like / Alternative

There are many most popular website like, that you can use for chegg answer.

  • Chegg
  • Stydylib
  • Sladder
  • Course hero
  • Crazyforstudy
  • Spark notes
  • Coursera
  • Quizlet


Q1. Why is take down from google ?

Ans – Because this website steal other website content and host on their website.

Q2. What happened to ?

Ans -The Real owner of content give DMCA to this website and then takedown from the web.

Q3. Is coming back ?

Ans – The answer is NO

Q4. Why do people like ?

Ans – Because this website provide content for FREE.

Q5. Is a good source of chegg answer ?

Ans – The answer is YES.

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