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[LIST] Upcoming IPO list in India (JULY) 2020 : IPO Size & Date




So hello friend, how are you do you guys also want to invest money in the upcoming IPO, then I am going to give you complete information in this article about the upcoming IPO.

Friends, let us tell you that all these companies will collect money from people through IPO and they will spend this money in their work, such as repayment of a loan, purchase of essential goods, and much more.

So friends, if you do not know which UPCOMING IPO is going to come at this time, then I am going to give you the LIST of the entire UPCOMING IPO, with the help of which you can get the complete LIST about the upcoming IPO.

Upcoming IPO List (JUNE) 2020

1. Reliance General Insurance Ltd5000. crNSE & BSESEP 2020
2. National Insurance Company ltd.4500. crBSE & SMEJULY 2020
3. Shriram Properties Ltd2000. crBSEOCT 2020
4. ESAF Small Finance Bank Ltd500. crSME & BSESEP 2020
5. Zircon Technologies Ltd300. crBSE & NSEOCT 2020
6. Patel Infrastructure Limited1900. crSME AUG 2020
7. Aakash Education Services2000. crBSE & NSEJULY 2020
8. Anmol Industries Ltd1800. crNSE SEP 202O
9. Penna Cements Ltd4500. crBSEOCT 2020
10. Sembcorp Energy India Ltd2000. crNSEAUG 2020
11. Senco Gold Ltd800. crNSE & BSESEP 2020
12. Shyam Metalics and Energy Ltd1500. crBSE NOV 2020
13. Barbeque Nation Hospitality Ltd2500. crNSE & BSEOCT 2020
14. Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd3300. crSME & BSEAUG 2020
15. Indian Railways Finance Corporation Ltd7000. crBSE SEP 2020
16. PNB MetLife Insurance Ltd5000. crNSE & BSEOCT 2020
17. Fino Payments Bank Ltd4700. crBSE & NSENOV 2020
18. Muthoot Microfin Ltd3000. crNSEDEC 2020
19. Inventia Healthcare Ltd2500. crBSE & SMENOV 2020
21. Bajaj Energy Ltd5000. crNSEOCT 2020
22. Home First Finance Ltd10000. crBSEDEC 2020
23. Codex Limited500. crNSE & BSESEP 2020
24. Shyam Metalics and Energy Ltd2100. cr BSE & NSEAUG 2020
25. AnandRathi Wealth Management Ltd1000. crBSESEP 2020
26. HDB Financial Services10000. crNSE & BSEJUNE 2020

What an IPO? ( Initial Public Offering)

So friends, if you do not know what an IPO is, then let us tell you that when a company wants to expand its business and needs money, then that company releases its shares to the public for the first time.  And fixing the price of 1 share and according to the amount of money that they deposited in that company, the shares of the company are given to them, the entire process is called IPO.

How to buy an IPO?

So friends, if you want to apply for IPO, first you have to open a Demat Account, with the help of which you can buy and hold STOCK,

Friends, there are many banks in the market such as ICICI, SBI BANK, AXIS BANK, KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK, HDFC. From where you can get your DEMAT ACCOUNT OPEN, but if you people open your DEMAT ACCOUNT by a bank, then the account opening charge can be minimum Rs 7000 to 8000 and also if you buy a share and hold it in your Demat account. Even if you do, you will have to pay a charge.

But there are solutions, from which you can open your Demat account for very little money, that too for only Rs 300 and apart from that you do not have to pay any charge. That is the way the Android app is absolutely safe.


1. Zerodha Mobile App


So, friends, I hope you will like this information and solve your queries. As much information as we have received about the UPCOMING IPO, we have tried to give you information.

Friends, if the information related to the UPCOMING IPO is found to be useful, then share this information as much as possible and support us so that we continue to provide you more good information.